Baking with Beckville: Welcome, Yellow Cookbook!

The coveted yellow cookbook.

Last week I hosted the Beckville book club at my house (we read Unbroken, and everyone is right: it is an incredible book), and something Amazing happened . . .

I received a copy of The Yellow Cookbook.

It may not look like much, but Beckville’s Favorites, the first of two cookbooks from Beckville Lutheran Church (one of the churches I serve) is a pretty spectacular prize.  Beckville is famous for their potlucks and church suppers, and rightly so: these folks can cook.  

The church has no more copies of either the yellow or the more recent blue cookbook, but people are constantly referring me to them.  It usually goes like this:

Me: “This is delicious!”

Cook: “Oh, it’s from the Yellow Cookbook.”

Me: “I don’t have the Yellow Cookbook.”

Cook: “You don’t?”

Me: “No!”

Cook: “Oh!  Well, I don’t have any extra copies.”

Me: 😦

So when one of the book club ladies discovered that she in fact did have an extra copy and presented it to me last week, you can imagine my great joy.  I have the Yellow Cookbook!!!

Sadly, the recipe I really want (for the simply and accurately named “Good Cookie”) is apparently in the still-at-large Blue Cookbook.  But there are plenty of potential gems in Old Yellow, and I’m excited to try them out.  Since I am a vegetarian, quite a few of these gems are not ones I’m likely to try, so I’m calling this feature Baking with Beckville.  Because lucky for me, most dessert does not contain meat.

To get things rolling, I invite you, dear readers, to choose my first recipe.  What should I make this weekend?

  1. Thick Pancakes
  2. Jello Pudding Macaroons
  3. Favorite Cookies
Vote for your vicarious weekend treat in the comments!




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7 responses to “Baking with Beckville: Welcome, Yellow Cookbook!

  1. Claire

    tough call! i am certainly curious about those first two…but I’m playing it safe and going with “favorite cookies”. boring, I know. ps–keep the posts coming!


  2. Oh, thick pancakes, definitely.


  3. Manda

    Jello pudding macaroons. Only because I would never make them and I’m curious. Be our guinea pig!

    And – I’m curious about the Good Cookie recipe. My gramma made those when I was growing up and they were also my favorite. Are yours the ones with corn flakes in them? oh yeah….that’s the stuff, man. I have that recipe if you want it.


    • So, three votes, one for each choice. Good thing it’s a three day weekend . . .

      Manda, that sounds like the same cookie! I would love the recipe. And maybe a sample batch?

      The Jello pudding macaroons look pretty easy, and I even have a box of pudding mix, so all I need now is . . . every other ingredient.


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