Cold Comfort

Almost a week ago, Zoe reached one of the milestones that parents don’t brag about on “Is My Baby Normal?” websites: she swallowed a foreign object!  (If you are worried, you can soothe yourself at that same website.)  We are following the doctor’s orders, which are frustrating but simple: wait for the die to pass.  (That is what she swallowed: not your apparently standard marble or coin, but one of a set of dice she found in Mike’s office.)

So, when she complained about her diaper at day care, they assumed she was finally getting ready to pass that die.  It turned out her diaper carried an impressive load of sand, dirt, and an actual twig, requiring a pre-supper bath.  Zoe was not on board with this plan, so she screamed and cried the whole time.  Luckily, Mike is the designated bath giver, and he is Very Tough.

At the end of the terrible ordeal, I revealed some special knowledge:

Me: “Do you know what you get to do when you have a bath before supper?”

Zoe: “Waaaaah!  Waaaaah!  Waaaaah! ”

Me: “You get to put on your pajamas and eat cookies before supper!”

Zoe: “Cookies!”

And so here she is, snuggled in her jammies and enjoying a cold sippy of milk, a bowl of (two) Fig Newtons, and an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba.  As soon as that woman with the camera stops blocking the TV, all will be right with the world.

P.S. Can you tell that I have discovered the joy of links?  Blogging is fun!





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8 responses to “Cold Comfort

  1. Claire

    poor baby girl. now get out of her way so she can see the tv! you know how important it is to the lux ladies 😉


  2. Em

    Lil’ sweet pea! So sorry about the foreign objects. She’s a tough cookie.

    And YOU are a great blogger. 🙂 Links ARE fun!


  3. Maggie, Oy. My moment of parenting that you wonder is this normal is when I was making a pot roast in our crock pot. I had two roasts in there thinking later we can have one and it will be ready to go so there was an exceptional large amount of drippings. I was taking the drippings out of the pot and Hannah climbed up on teh counter next to me. She started to play with the hot crock pot. As I was putting the lid on the pot Hannah knocked over the boiling hot container of drippings (this I was saving for noodles, gravy exc.) I look up at her to yell because it is running all over my counter that is when I see her face. Terrified as the hot steaming gravy runs onto her little feet. I rush her to the bath and then call Jon. 10 minutes later we are in the ER. She had huge blisters all over her little piggies. Needless to say our evening ended in new PJs (because the bandages made her feet too big for her PJs) and cookies with the Wiggles. It was awful. She wore slippers out and everywhere for almost a week. Oh what we get to look forward to later.


    • Kara, that is awful! These things always seem to happen when we are right there, don’t they? I’m glad she could also be soothed by cookies and toddler TV.


      • Kara

        The great part was the nurses and our PA. I cried, Hannah cried and they all told me about the awful things that happened to them when their kids were younger (like slamming their childs fingers in the car door, yikes!) they all gave me hugs and told me it was something that happens. I still cried. Hannah got a doll that giggles out of it and moved on with the above mentioned cookies and Wiggles. However, to this day she stands about 2 feet from the crock pot and says “hot” with her hand up.


      • I’m glad they could take good care of both of you! I guess Hannah learned that lesson the hard way, didn’t she? Poor little girl!


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