Two Playground Day

This morning we tried out Tartan Park in nearby Hutchinson (or Hutch, as we like to call it in these parts).  It’s one of those play structures that’s supposed to look like something else–in this case, a pirate ship–although the target demographic could probably not care less.  Does it have slides?  Is there stuff to climb?  The tots are good to go.

The big draw for Zoe this morning was the tunnel slide (covered slide?  I don’t know the technical terms), still a novelty for her.  She loved to yell, “Hi, Mama!” from the top of it, then wait for me to rush to the bottom and yell, “Hi, Zoe!” back to her.

After a trying shopping experience (her new thing is to walk instead of ride in the cart–not a great development), lunch, and a nap, we walked to The Good Park (not its official name) in Litchfield (or, you guessed it, Litch).  There we found a friend from library story hour, slides, and stuff to climb.

If only every day could be a Two Playground Day.

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