Pretty Pony

It may not be the best photo of a toddler on a pony the world has ever seen:

But I was delighted to have the chance to take it.  Anyone who knew me as a child can tell you that I was crazy about horses.  I took riding lessons, I went to horse camp, I collected Breyer horses, I subscribed to horse magazines, I made my family go on trail rides at every opportunity, I read all kinds of horsey books, from classics like King of the Wind: The Story of the Godolphin Arabian"" to silly series like The Saddle Club"".

I have just taken a moment to reminisce with myself about The Saddle Club.  As they say in these parts: holy buckets.

Anyway, I loved horses throughout my childhood and into my early teen years.  Zoe loves them in the way that two-year-olds love most animals, and when she realized that she could actually ride the ponies at Red Rooster Days in nearby Dassel, she was ecstatic.

And something of a natural horsewoman, I must say:

Seeing your child love something that you love–whether it’s riding a pony, reading But No Elephants "", or listening to Tom Jones–gives you a special kind of joy.

Inquiring minds may want to know that the first two examples are my loves, and the third example is Mike’s.  All three are now Zoe’s.



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5 responses to “Pretty Pony

  1. Claire

    ride ’em cowboy (did I get that right?? love that story)


  2. Sally Wilke

    This is just too special! She does look great and comfortable too!


    • I agree! I worried she might be scared, but she loved it—she would have been happy to ride those ponies all day long, and if it didn’t cost three dollars a ride, I might have let her.


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