Sponge Bob.  Disney Princess.  Dora the Explorer.

“Aren’t there any children’s umbrellas that don’t have characters on them?” I mused (silently, because I am not yet the kind of person who muses aloud in the baby / toddler section at Wal-Mart).

Where were the polka dots?  The stripes?  The lady  bugs?  If I wanted to buy an umbrella for my child, did I have to choose a character umbrella?  And did it have to be a character she’s never encountered in books or television?  (We have seen an episode or two of Dora, but it is so boring that Mike and I prefer even the Wonder Pets, which has the exact same plot every single episode.)

Well, I wandered over to the children’s section, where I did indeed find an adorable lady bug umbrella.  However, what I ended up walking out with was this:

That’s right.  Perry the Platypus, everyone’s favorite secret agent from Phineas and Ferb.  In my defense, Zoe loves both the umbrella generally and Perry’s face specifically.  At least I didn’t buy the matching boots and raincoat, right?

We will not mention the rain hat that looks like Perry’s fedora.  I’m returning it, I swear.



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7 responses to “Sucker

  1. Jane

    What are you doing opening an umbrella indoors AND allowing her to put it over her head?!!!


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  4. Yaya

    where did you buy this umbrella?! i want it *_____*


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