Never HAD I Ever: Been to Runnings on a Date

As I have already confessed, my definition of “date” is a pretty generous one.  Shopping at Target counts.  But before I moved to this big little town, I would never have included a trip to Runnings in that definition.

Full disclosure: before I moved to Litchfield, I had never heard of Runnings.  If you are in the same boat, it’s a Farm and Fleet store where you can buy everything from dog food to lawn mowers to mulch to John Deere onesies (I am always tempted by these, but even I will not pay twenty dollars for a onesie).

Last summer, we got a Runnings store right in our town, and I was excited.  Not because I have a great personal desire to shop at Runnings–I am not a farmer, or a builder, or even a pet owner–but because we were getting a big new store, and any big new store has the potential to be exciting.

So when Mike and I found ourselves with some time to kill between supper at the late, great Carlito’s Mexican restaurant and the Litchfield Community Theater production of Footloose: the Musical, I found myself uttering words I had never uttered before: “Let’s go check out Runnings!”

Since Mike actually has a use for many of the products they sell at Runnings (The guy can build things!  With his hands!), he readily agreed.  Off to Runnings we went, where I soon lost Mike in the Nuts and Bolts Aisle or some such place and amused myself with the John Deere baby clothes, John Deere farm toys, old-fashioned candy, and Golden Books.  It was a magical Litchfield evening.

What is the most surprising / silly / strange place you’ve gone on a date?



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4 responses to “Never HAD I Ever: Been to Runnings on a Date

  1. Claire

    I’m stuck on the John Deere baby clothes. They really make those? And golden books! Love those—and who would have thought they’d sell them at Runnings? Love it.


    • Of course they make them! They make John Deere everything–it’s like a football team. (Really, it is: the opposing team is International, and you are either a green tractor guy or a red tractor guy.) Zoe has a John Deere rattle and a John Deere radio, both garage sale treasures.


  2. kristin

    I don’t know if I have a good silliest/surprisingest/etc. date story, but I will say that the first gift Cody every got me was a tall trash can with lid — I was impressed. And very, very pleased.


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