Cars and Trucks and Pizza (Your Moment of Zoe)

I love free fun, especially when it’s aimed at the preschool-and-under set.  So when I saw that ECFE was hosting a “vehicle fair” in Litchfield this week, I was all in.

At first, we had a hard time prying Zoe away from her beloved toddler TV.  But when I said, “Zoe, let’s go see cars and trucks and eat pizza!”, she flung the videotape she was holding to the ground and agreed: “Cars and trucks and pizza!”

So off we went to the parking lot of the Civic Arena, where all kinds of vehicles were waiting to have their horns honked, their steering wheels turned, and their seat belts buckled and unbuckled.  And, yes, there was pizza!  And milk and cookies!

Amazingly, the vehicle fair completely lived up to my expectations for a fun family outing (pro tip: choosing an activity that is specifically designed for two-year-olds increases your chances of success when doing an activity with a two-year-old).

Even though it was a very windy day:

Zoe had a great time trying out the school bus, the mail truck, the fire trucks, and the Meeker County Transit bus (despite their slogan, this bus is not for everyone, mostly for seniors and people in wheelchairs, but it might have been Zoe’s favorite one).  She also enjoyed eating her sugar cookie, drinking her milk, and eating her cheese pizza (in that order).

Buckle up for safety!

The evening was slightly marred when, as we approached the semi trucks, the kids already in the trucks started honking the very loud horns.  “Loud noises!” Zoe wailed as we hurried her to our own vehicle.  It’s hard to be little.

Oh, and Zoe was disappointed by her first experience behind the wheel of a ladder truck: “It’s not working yet,” she said, pulling on the wheel.  “It’s not working!”

Litchfield Royalty in the making

Luckily, her “Hello, minions!” wave was working just fine.


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