Minnesota Nice: Litchfield Dairy Queen

For five years, I lived in Milwaukee, where I became a huge frozen custard fan.  One of the best (and most dangerous) parts of living at 29th and Becher, as Mike and I did for two lovely years, was our proximity to Leon’s, where you could get a giant cone of delicious custard for under two dollars and enjoy it leaning on the hood of your car, watching all the other custard customers enjoy theirs.

But occasionally, when I found myself passing through Whitefish Bay, I would come upon one of the few Dairy Queens in the Milwaukee metro area, and my heart would sing.  Dairy Queen!

I don’t want to make any frozen dessert enemies here, but I do believe that frozen custard, generally speaking, is more delicious than Dairy Queen.  But Dairy Queen is obviously very delicious, and it has the added advantage of figuring prominently in my childhood dessert memories.

There was a small Dairy Queen stand–the kind where you order inside, but eat outside–that I remember going to after things like softball games.  Although,  since I never played softball as a child (just ask the folks who made me “play” on our church softball team this summer–they will confirm that I have clearly never hit, thrown, or caught the ball before), these must have been my sister’s games.  I just remember lots of happy kids and parents, the sun sinking lower in the sky, and Butterfinger Blizzards.

So one of the great things about living in Minnesota is that Dairy Queen is everywhere.  And the Litchfield Dairy Queen might be the very best Dairy Queen of all!  It is a stand like the one I remember, where you order inside and eat outside, at a picnic table or in your car.  And it is also the home of the Fudge Nut Bar: vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, caramel, and peanuts dipped in chocolate and served on a stick.

Other Dairy Queens serve a Buster Bar, but that is just a pale imitation of the Fudge Nut Bar, which my sources say was invented right here where I live.  They even make them by hand at this very Dairy Queen, and they are incredible.

Have I mentioned that we now live within walking distance of this magical place?  Come visit any time.



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