Grandma Papa!

Zoe helped me pack.

Zoe and I made it to Chicago!  It took ten hours, three pit stops, two playgrounds, and a whole lot of snacks, but we made it.  We only listened to “Shake the Sillies Out” about twenty-five times in a row, and while Zoe slept I listened to the blissful sound of silence.  All in all, it was a good trip.

And now, we are here, and the fun has begun.  Zoe loves visiting Grandma and Papa’s house (or “Grandma Papa!” as she enthusiastically calls it), where she gets to see airplanes fly by the window, watch her shows on a big flat screen while lounging on a big comfy couch, and of course bask in the glow of her grandparents’ love and attention. 

We have already accomplished our first Activity of the Day: new shoes for Zoe, play time on the “dragon” at Old Orchard mall, and lunch in the Nordstrom Cafe.  (Pro tip: if you go shopping and out to lunch without your wallet, go to Nordstrom, where they will accept your credit card number written on a piece of paper after a frantic phone call to your husband.  And they will do it with a smile.)

Zoe had a great time singing and chatting in the car (although she did want to stop at every park we passed–you never realize how many parks are on a route until you drive it with a two-year-old).  She also enjoyed trying on shoes, getting a balloon, and running and climbing on the dragon once she was assured it was not, in fact, an actual dragon.  He is a little intimidating:

Here are a few more photos of my country baby in the city:

Enjoying the balcony at Grandma and Papa's.

Loving the dragon.

“Dinosaur! Dinosaur! Crocodile! The end.”
And yes, when I say “country baby”, I am absolutely thinking of Baby BoomAren’t you?

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