Planes, Trains, and Strangers with Candy

It is so fun to be in the city with my country baby (who is really a “town kid“, since she lives, you know, in town).  Zoe loves the hustle and bustle–the buses, the trains, the bikes on top of cars (seriously, that was maybe the most exciting thing she’s seen all week), the roadwork, the big doggies and little doggies, the playgrounds full of kids, the strangers who give her candy as she walks by them on the street.  (Pro tip: hair stylists who have a bowl of dum-dums on hand aren’t really strangers, are they?)

Zoe hasn’t had a chance to ride on any of these trains or buses this time around, but she got to ride a very special train at the Lincoln Park Zoo:


What’s your favorite Big City treat?


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One response to “Planes, Trains, and Strangers with Candy

  1. Em

    So fun! 🙂 A grand adventure!


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