Pajama Clericals

As I have mentioned, I sometimes wear a clerical collar.  And as any woman who does the same will tell you, the shirts that go with these collars are designed for men to wear.  It is very tough to find one that fits right, feels right, and looks good.

Now, if I just wanted to look cute, I would not wear a clergy shirt at all, right?  So, I’m not saying that this shirt has to be super fashionable, adorable, or even versatile–I’m just saying it has to look like it’s intended for a woman to wear.  I don’t want people to ask, as a friend’s children did the first time she donned the clerical shirt, “What do you wanna wear Dad’s shirt for?”

All the clergy shirts I wear these days are from WomenSpirit, a small company that, as their name implies, strives to make shirts that actually work on women’s bodies.  Not all of the shirts are winners, of course, but there are a few that have served me well.

And not too long ago they came out with a new one:

image via

It’s the knit clergy blouse!  Womenspirit is clearly going for a more “fashionable”, modern take on the clergy shirt, and this picture left me pretty skeptical.  But when my wonderful mother bought me one, I was pleasantly surprised.

The “tunic” style is not as weird and maternityesque as I feared.  The length of the shirt and sleeves is maybe slightly too long, but since I am short and round I expected them to be even longer.  Most important, the shirt fits and feels great! “Never tight or restricting,” just like the website promised.  It is so comfortable it’s almost too comfortable–luckily, I am still wearing a collar around my neck, so I remember where I am and what I’m doing.

Is this my new favorite shirt?  No.  Is this my new favorite clergy shirt?  Heck yes.

And, no, Womenspirit is not paying me to endorse their product.  But if they would like me to try it out in the charcoal gray, I would be happy to accept a sample.

Update: Per your request, dear reader, here is a photo of me, a regular pastor, wearing my new fave clergy shirt:

Why I Don't Have a Style Blog (exhibit A)

Apologies for my ghostly pallor and cheesy pose!  The goal is just to give you an idea of how the shirt fits me versus how it fits the lovely model.  Photo by Mike, while he sat at our desk with Zoe on his lap.  I think the closet door background gives it a little something, don’t you?



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3 responses to “Pajama Clericals

  1. amy

    Maggie, i love you!


  2. Manda

    Maybe it’s too much but would you be willing to send me a picture of you wearing it? I’m looking desperately for a clerical that I don’t have to pay over $100 for and I don’t trust these posed catalog photos.


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