Preaching on the Edge

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I just returned from two and half days celebrating Biblical preaching at Luther Seminary in St. Paul.  Those days were stuffed full of workshops, plenary presentations, twice daily worship, and meals and fellowship with some wonderful friends from my own seminary, LSTC.

So, I am still “digesting” or “processing” or whatever metaphor you prefer for “figuring it the heck out”, but I thought I would share some of my favorite moments and quotes with you, readers,  my few, my happy few:

From Debbie Blue, one of the founding ministers of House of Mercy in St. Paul:

“We don’t preach to straighten something out, we preach to set something loose.”

When considering the call to bear fruit, remember, “A nut is a type of fruit.  Doesn’t that expand the territory a little?”

“We need sermons that speak to the wild complexity of being human, not sermons that are tweetable.”

That last is a paraphrase (actually, since I was writing them down, they are probably all paraphrases, but this one more than the others).  And, yes, I see the irony of offering tweetable quotes about not preaching tweetable sermons.  But this is not a sermon.  It’s a blog!

And now that I’ve cleared that up . . . I will leave the rest of my favorite quotes for another post.  Or two or three.  Because these people are not only quotable, they are wise.

And also because that non-tweetable sermon isn’t going to write itself.  (Although, here’s an actual pro tip: Will Willimon, who is a Very Important Bishop, says that if someone complains that your sermon didn’t speak to them, you may say, “Well, take it up with the Holy Spirit.”  News you can use.)



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2 responses to “Preaching on the Edge

  1. Jenny Olsztynski


    I just want to tell you how very much I enjoy your blog. I really only know you as a little girl. I feel like I’m getting to know the adult Maggie.

    Keep it coming!



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