Minnesota Nice: South Dakota Edition

This afternoon I’m heading to South Dakota for my synod’s Fall Theological Conference.  I’m pretty excited, partly because one of the presenters is my friend and mentor from Milwaukee, and partly because these conferences are always a great opportunity for learning and fellowship with the fabulous folks of Southwestern Minnesota.  (I may be biased, but I do believe this is one of the finest synods in the land.)

So, I’ve been busy finishing my sermon, hosting presenter Cheryl, and getting ready for church this morning, which means: I do not have a super exciting blog post for today!  And since I’ll be soaking up the knowledge and fellowship in Watertown, SD for the next three days, the blog may be a little quiet.

But who knows?  Maybe I’ll be filled with energy and inspired to blog about the theological conference and about Watertown!  I’m pretty sure this is only my second trip to South Dakota (don’t tell), so adventure could be waiting right around the corner.

Watertown made the map! That means it's big (or, it means there are not a lot of big cities in South Dakota--I'll let you know)!


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  1. Em

    I hope your learning/fellowship adventure is a delight! 🙂


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