Sweet Things

Well, I had a great three days in Watertown, South Dakota.  So great, I did not even update my Facebook status.  Powerful proof, right?  Right.

The bishop of Southwestern Minnesota, who I believe to be one of the very finest bishops in the land, likes to use the word “sweet.”  He likes to ask what “sweet things” are happening in your life, and share “sweet stories” from around the synod and the whole ELCA.  Someone new to the synod asked if he meant sweet like “awww, how sweet!” or “Sweet!” like an exclamation, and I think it holds both those meanings and more.  It is just a special Bishop Jon word, and while we joke about turning it into a drinking game, the truth is, our bishop remembers every sweet story we tell him, and even blogs about some of them.  Seriously, he is tops.

So, in honor of Bishop Jon, here are some sweet things from South Dakota this week:

–Delicious vegetarian enchiladas and not bad mole at Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant.

–Daily worship that fed us with word and sacrament and many voices raised in song.

–Holy conversation and fruitful fellowship with friends and colleagues.

–Speakers who challenged and inspired.

–Pizza with jalapenos and mushrooms.

–A beer sampler:

Note: One of these is root beer. Further note: I did not drink them all.

I came home invigorated, inspired, and also a little tired (all those holy conversations and beer sampling kept me up later than usual).  I also came home with this fun fact: if you have ever wondered how Bishop Jon is able to hold so many people and stories and situations in his mind at once, here’s how–it is because as a child, he read encyclopedias for fun.

I told you: finest bishop in the land.


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