Minnesota Nice: Harvest Madness!

There are a lot of great things about life in a small town.  For example: I can run errands at the bank, the library, and the post office, pick Zoe up from day care, and be home in fifteen minutes.  Take that, Minneapolis / Chicago / Los Angeles / City of Your Choice.  For another example: strangers know my child from some other context (often her grandparents’ Christmas card) and greet her in public, and it is nice, not creepy.  People really are pretty friendly, and even the gas man will give you a ride home if you ask him nicely.

And here’s another perk: Harvest Madness!  Somehow, this is our third fall living in Litchfield but the first time we’ve heard of this event.  Local businesses have specials and giveaways; the newspaper office does face painting; and the fire department pulls out all the stops.  They give out stickers and fire hats and cookies!  They let you explore the fire house and all the fire trucks!  They even let you spray the fire hose!  Check it out:

Zoe could not quite decide if this was fun or not.  But when the fire fighter tried to prove how fun it was by showing her how to adjust the water flow, she made up her mind that he was wrong:

Whoosh into Daddy's arms!

What she really loved was Sparky the Fire Dog, possibly because he looks just like a toy doggy we have at home:

So, to recap . . .

A hose that sprays water to fight fires: scary.

A giant dog with a giant head, wearing a fire fighting outfit: huggable.

Hard to argue with that.


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