Farmyard of Eden

How about a moment (or two) of Zoe?

Today we went to Amaze’n Farmyard in Eden Valley.  And, truly, it was amazing.  It was clean, and bright, and not too crowded, and the staff and other guests were incredibly nice and friendly.  There were adorable baby goats wandering around.  There were puppies and kittens (although Zoe was too stunned to go in and play with them).  There was a train, and a giant sandbox filled with corn kernels, and a room full of inflatable bouncey houses, and a giant slide, and pizza and ice cream and a gift shop.  Who wants to come up next weekend and be amazed?

Zoe found most of the animals a little scary (even the rabbits), but she really hit it off with this little guy.

Corn pit!

Zoe could have played with these water pumps and ducks all day long.

On the train!



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3 responses to “Farmyard of Eden

  1. Sarah Fox Sparber

    You got me when you said puppies and kittens. We’re on our way!


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