As Zoe Would Say: Hip Hooray!

Guess who’s going home from the hospital today?

In the brave new world of kidney cancer, good news is a relative term.  So: an all-day operation that includes cardiac bypass and removal of a kidney?  Good news!  The chance to go home for a week before that big, scary surgery?  Great news!

After waiting all day for test results and Doctor Decisions, my dad got the good news that he can go home tomorrow, where he can do things like eat real food, sleep in his own bed, and watch obscure foreign films on Netflix Instant.  Life is good.

Thank you so much for your prayers / thoughts / good wishes and keep them coming!



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2 responses to “As Zoe Would Say: Hip Hooray!

  1. Jenny Olsztynski

    Your own bed, chair, flat screen T.V., kitchen and a fabulous view are, even for a week, are great blessings!!
    Love the photo of John.


  2. Em

    Surrounding your dad and your whole family with with prayers, Maggie.

    Much love from Stewie!


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