A Simple Gift

Yesterday we celebrated Zoe’s second baptismal birthday!  Since I had churchy plans in the evening, we had a breakfast celebration this year, which of course meant: donuts.  Because as we all know, when Jesus made the disciples breakfast on the beach after his resurrection, that is what he served.

Jesus would go for the powdered sugar donut holes, no question.

We lit Zoe’s baptismal candle, and then we got out Dan Erlander’s wonderful little book Let the Children Come, and used the “brief form” of baptism remembrance in the home.  Here’s how you do it:

Light the candle.  (In fact, the “honored one” lights the candle.  Next year, Zoe.)

Say to the honored one, “Zoe, on this day in 2009 you were washed in the waters of baptism.  Because of this event you never need to doubt that you are a  beautiful and precious child of God.”

Pray this prayer: “God of mercy, we give you thanks for the promise you made to Zoe on this day.  Renew in Zoe the gift of the Holy Spirit that she will trust in you and you alone through all of life.  We pray in Jesus’ name.  Amen.”

Pray the family table prayer.  Tell stories about the honored one and the baptism day.

And then, the part I didn’t notice until I was reading it yesterday morning: “A simple gift may be given.”  Can you believe I missed a gift-giving opportunity?  It is a little shocking.

But I’m pretty sure Zoe didn’t miss a thing.  She had two kinds of donuts (“orange donuts” and “donut balls”).  She had milk and drink (what some people might call “water”).  She had prayers and stories for her and about her.  She had the dancing flame of her baptismal candle, which we all blew out together with much pomp and circumstance.  And she had the joy of shouting, “Yeah, I’m baptized!”

I think Martin Luther would be proud.  And he would have enjoyed the donuts, too.


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