Fried Green Farmers Market

Today was the last day of the Litchfield Farmers Market, and for the first time in several weeks, I remembered to go!  Here is what I got:


Potatoes, carrots, bell peppers, bok choi, the tastiest popping corn around, the prettiest garlic in town, and ten green tomatoes (only three are pictured, for reasons of laziness).

I know what to do with most of this stuff (pro tip: cook it and eat it), but I do not have any personal experience cooking green tomatoes.  I have eaten fried green tomatoes, and since these were ten for a dollar I thought, “Why the heck not?”

So, if you have a favorite recipe for these guys, share it in the comments and I will report back!



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7 responses to “Fried Green Farmers Market

  1. Jenny Olsztynski

    My Grandma made chow chow with them. We waited for it all year long. It was kind of a spicy relish that we ate with just about everything. I bet there are some farm wives in your area that know how to make it. I wish I had learned!


  2. Jane

    One thing to consider is that most of the tomatoes in your local supermarket are actually picked when green and then “ripened” with ethylene, so the flavour and consistency will really just be the same as any red supermarket tomato. Of course, any excuse to batter and fry something sound good to me.


    • How depressing! I almost never buy grocery store tomatoes, so I think battering and frying is the way to go. Or the chow chow! Clearly I should have bought more than ten tomatoes . . .


  3. Manda

    Bowl of flour (used for coating, so I don’t measure) Into which you put: a dash of salt and as much ground black pepper as you can handle because you live in MN now and therefore I assume you love ground black pepper as much as I and all my relatives do.
    A second bowl of flour. Some folks (namely, my aunt) say you should crush saltine crackers to a fine dust and use that as your second bowl of flour, but I’ve never had good luck with this. I read a recipe that once used cornmeal and that sounded like a good idea, too.
    Bowl of eggs cracked and whupped.
    Bowl-o-milk, the fattier the better but really, when isn’t this true? Cardiovascular health being the only exception to that rule.
    Green tomatoes sliced approximately 1/2 inch thick at most. Some say to clean out the seeds, but depending on the variety I think they’re better left in as long as they’re not so watery that they fall out and mush up your operation.

    salt the slices and dip ’em in the milk, then the flour, then the eggs and then the second flour/cracker/cornmeal.

    Then, because you just got done fryin’ up some bacon, you can drop the sliced tomatoes in that delicious hot bacon grease.
    Or, because I just remembered that you’re a vegetarian, you can fry them in a generous amount of canola or vegetable oil.
    I’ve also fried them on a lightly greased cast iron skillet and they come out well that way, but I don’t want to assume that just because you live in the country that you cook exclusively with cast iron.

    Have fun! I wish I was there to cook with you!


    • Oh my goodness, I wish you were here, too! And I wish I cooked at all with cast iron. I should put it on my Amazon wish list, which is almost exclusively theology books–very sad state of affairs.

      I think I will try this tomorrow night! Thanks, Manda!


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