Traverse These Posted Obstacles

Remember when Zoe and Grandma and I went to Amaze N Farmyard?  They have a whole barn full of inflatables, and one of them had this helpful, hilarious warning sign that also struck me as poignant:

Today my sister and I are heading to Chicago to be with our parents.  Tomorrow my dad will have major surgery to try and remove the kidney cancer from his body (it’s in his left kidney, liver, veins, and vena cava–that sounds like an awful lot of places, doesn’t it?).  It has been hard being far away while my dad was dealing with the diagnosis and my mom was spending twelve-hour days in the hospital with him.  But it’s only going to be harder when we enter that unstable bouncey surface ourselves.

I don’t really know what it will be like.  The obstacles aren’t posted like they are for the unstable bouncy surface of an inflatable, but we will traverse them anyway.  And we will do it knowing that God’s love and your prayers and good thoughts surround us every step of the way.

Please pray it up or think really good, anti-cancer thoughts for my dad John, especially on Wednesday.  Here’s a favorite photo to inspire you:

The man himself.



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3 responses to “Traverse These Posted Obstacles

  1. Jenny Olsztynski

    Maggie, our thoughts are with all of you. I am ‘praying it up’ big time!!!


  2. Sally Wilke

    Oh Maggie, my heart is with you and your family. My prayers for good surgery and complete recovery are in God’s hands. It is, indeed, an unknown place you enter, and I pray for your peace.


  3. Juli Nelson

    Talked to your Dad this past weekend. He sounded good & positive. Praying for the family. Safe travels for you and Clare.


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