Hope and Shelter

Well, here we are at the hospital!  We are three hours into the day but only about fifteen minutes into the surgery.  Luckily, we have supplies: laptops, cell phones, books and magazines, Halloween candy, Starbucks, seats by the window, and the love and thoughts and prayers of our wonderful family and friends.  Also, I have had this hymn running through my head all morning:

O God, our help in ages past

our hope for years to come

our shelter from the stormy blast

and our eternal home.

Not a bad soundtrack for the day.

Papa and Baby Zoe (via Aunt Claire's computer)


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3 responses to “Hope and Shelter

  1. Jen Kiefer

    Sending lots of prayers your way, Maggie and family


  2. Linda Johnson Seyenkulo

    Keeping you and your family in my prayers, Maggie!
    Linda Johnson Seyenkulo


  3. Jenny Olsztynski

    We are all with you in spirit.


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