It was really hard to leave my parents today (dad’s surgery went well but he is having a hard time getting reoriented).  We thought we were prepared, but we also thought that the surgery itself would be the Big Hard Thing, when in fact it’s the recovery process.  So we are hopeful but not yet joyful.

As sad as it was to leave Chicago, it was lovely to come home to this:

Luchador mask by Aunt Claire and Uncle Doug. Tutu, butterfly wings, and wand by Grandma Marilyn. Plaid shirt by Grandma Lexi. Pink pants, striped socks, and gold wrap by Mama. Styling by Zoe (of course).

She was as delighted to see me as I was to see her.  We had a lovely ride home from the airport (with our driver Mike / Daddy).  We played in the leaves.  We colored, played with the farm, played dress ups, read books, went to a potluck supper, and did bedtime with Foofa, Tootie, and Wags the Dog (pro tip: if you have no idea who those three are,  you win).

What a blessing this goofy girl is.


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2 responses to “Homecoming

  1. Michael Cumings

    I’m a bigger loser: it’s “Toodee”.


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