Fry Me to the Moon

Do you still have some green tomatoes in your garden, or on your counter, or wherever else those guys hang out?  If so, fry them up using Manda’s simple, delicious recipe!  I followed her directions as exactly as possible, of course using canola oil instead of delicious bacon grease (pro tip: being a vegetarian is not always awesome), and here are the results:

Have I mentioned that I am not a food blogger?  I believe these photos make that clear.

Here’s some of the aftermath, and a glimpse of my culinary process (pro tip: put stuff in little bowls and dip, dip, dip, dip):

I have always been intimidated by the idea of fried green tomatoes, but it turns out it is not hard; it is just messy.  The tomatoes were still too tart for Mike, who doesn’t actually like tomatoes that much, and of course Zoe turned up her toddler nose, but I thought they were fabulous!  Next time, I will add more salt.  Because there’s probably a little of that in bacon grease, right?

Now: who has a great idea for leftover fried green tomatoes?



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2 responses to “Fry Me to the Moon

  1. Manda

    AAAAAGGGGHHHH! I’m so honored! See, I shut off the internet for a week and this is what happens. I’m glad that you tried them. They look delicious! I have to agree with you that every time I make these I disappoint myself that it’s a lot of mess for a so-so product. Then again, I might be making them all wrong. If we ever get together we’ll have to test out a bunch of different sauces on fried green tomatoes. It is my theory that sauces are the unsought key to this dish.


    • Oh my goodness, sauces! I could get behind that. It would be like fried cheese curds dipped in sour cream, only healthier because: tomatoes are healthy! I thought they were tasty; I just should have made fewer since I knew I was the main customer.

      Also, you are right: I DO love black pepper!


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