Rocket Girl

“This rocket costume is cute, if you have a boy,” said the other mother pawing (excuse me: perusing) the 70% off Halloween costumes at Target this weekend.

Well, I do not have a boy, but I do have a girl who picked that rocket costume over a variety of dresses, a Scooby Doo suit, and an airplane (pro tip: if you have the opportunity to choose between a plane and a rocket, you obviously want the rocket).

She held the rocket costume in her arms through the rest of our Target trip and the whole car ride home, where she immediately put it on and started jamming on her kitty keyboard.

I’m pretty sure this episode of Yo Gabba Gabba is responsible (apologies for the poor video quality, if you are so inclined to check it out).  Thanks, Nick Jr., for teaching my child that rockets are better than princesses.  At least for now . . .


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5 responses to “Rocket Girl

  1. Liz L.

    I never knew rockets were gender-specific. Way to ‘rock’ that costume Zoe!


  2. Ben

    That’s one happy girl. It appears that she was so excited, she didn’t even give you a chance to remove the hanger.

    My wife (a costume designer) loves it as well.


    • You are right, Ben! She actually put it on in the driveway, she was so excited.

      It is a pretty great costume for nine dollars–you can’t see the cool blue fins and red streamers / flames on the bottom. I am a little bit jealous . . .


  3. Kristin

    I echo Liz: yeah, Zoe!


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