Three Cheers for the Chair!

“Do a Zoe post!” Aunt Claire decreed.

And so, I give you: a Zoe post!

For Zoe’s first Christmas, Grandma Marilyn gave her this adorable arm chair:

We can never show this picture to any future children of ours. They will never forgive Zoe for getting so many presents.

Zoe has actually used the chair more than you would expect an infant and young toddler to do, but it is only now that she is really using it for its true purpose (Pro Tip: the true purpose of arm chairs is reading for fun).  Here’s what she did yesterday morning:

Zoe is very into reading these days, whether it’s us reading to her or her reading to us.  She is the best reader: a captivating mix of memorized phrases and sentences, summaries of the action on each page, and Advanced Mumbling Gibberish.  All of which is music to my ears.

Read on, Zoe!

(And, Grandma, thank you again for the chair.)



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3 responses to “Three Cheers for the Chair!

  1. Sarah A

    I could read this exact post every day.


  2. Claire

    yes!! thank you for the zoe post 🙂 that baby is so cute. and clearly brilliant.


  3. Jenny Olsztynski

    She is so adorable…and I love the chair!


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