Welcome, Winter!

They were right.

This is last winter, but you get the idea.

The weathermen said it would snow today, and lo: it has been snowing for the last two hours.  They also said it will melt by Wednesday, and I hope they’re right about that, too, because there is a toddler in this house who doesn’t have size seven winter boots yet.  (Pro Tip: Saying to yourself, “I should buy Zoe winter boots” and then looking at a few resale shops is not the same as actually buying the darn boots.)

There are things I hate about winter: chief among them, having to cancel worship services and watching the sunset at 4:30 PM.  But let’s accentuate the positive!  Let’s sing some of winter’s unsung joys:

–Washing dishes and letting your cold hands soak up the heat from the lovely warm dish water.

–Flannel sheets!  Or, in our case, the even more fabulous microfleece sheets.  These were apparently all the rage in the bedding world a few years ago, when my mother bought them for us for Christmas.  “You said you wanted flannel sheets, but these are even better!”  And they are.  Look into it, friends.

–Hot chocolate.  Yesterday Mike and his dad raked the many, many leaves in our yard and took them to the compost site in many, many pick up loads.  Then we all enjoyed steaming mugs of chocolate truffle hot chocolate around the kitchen table.  (Pro Tip: writing a blog post and watching Mad Men on Netflix while Zoe napped was also hard work.)

–General coziness.  Snuggling under a blanket on the couch with your family / friends / pet / book.  Enjoying your favorite chili / stew / soup / box mac and cheese while you watch the snow fall outside.  These are winter delights.

–Knowing that someone else will move the snow.  Thanks, Mike.  I really do appreciate it.



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2 responses to “Welcome, Winter!

  1. Jenny Olsztynski

    You make me long for winter!
    We just got all 3 kids boots on sale at Old Navy if you have one near you.


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