Saturday Snow

Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to introduce the best $3.99 the Cumings family has spent this month:

I refer, of course, to the red snow shovel.  Last winter Zoe had a great time using her little blue and yellow sand shovels to help her dad clear the driveway.  This winter, she is big enough for the real thing.  She was probably almost as helpful to Mike yesterday as I was.  (Pro Tip: Snow shoveling is, as they say in the seminary, one of my “growing edges.”  Hot chocolate consumption, on the other hand, is one of my gifts.)

Zoe had a great time shoveling and playing in the snow yesterday.  Check it out:

It was all fun and games until her mitten came off for the fifteenth time and she actually touched the snow with her bare hand:

Is it wrong that, before whisking her inside for hot chocolate and treats, I paused to take this picture?  (Pro Tip: I’m pretty sure the answer is yes.)



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7 responses to “Saturday Snow

  1. Claire

    Amazing! She is so cute! I for one am glad took that picture. Mean aunt Claire


  2. Claire

    ps–I love the big pictures in this post!


  3. I love pictures of kids in their snow outfits. Ability to shovel snow is essential for a Minnesotan. Way to start her early! Good job Zoe!


  4. Liz L.

    It’s a testament to your quality mitten purchase that it took her that long to realize snow is wet and cold. (And I’m with Claire on the “so happy you took that photo” camp)


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