Library Love

Books, books, books!

Have I mentioned lately that I love the library, both generally and specifically?

These days Zoe and I often hit the Litchfield Library twice a week, once for toddler time and once for pre-school story hour (pro tip: they are very similar, and they are very fun).  I forgot that the library would be closed on Veteran’s Day, which led to tears in the parking lot and plaintive wails of, “I want to dance at the library!”

The library is an awesome place to dance to the music of Jim Gill.  It is also an awesome place, of course, to get a ton of books.  Check out that impressive stack of them!  I am slightly daunted, but the discerning reader will notice that these are mostly mystery novels and / or young adult novels, so I should make it through the pile fairly quickly.

Thank you, Litchfield Library, for being so great.  And thank you, thank you, thank you  for being open this Friday and having pre-school story hour.

I have a feeling we’re going to need a dance break.


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