Praise and Thanksgiving

A table of blessings. Thanksgiving 2009.

The thing about holidays is that they remind you of all the previous years you’ve celebrated them.  You notice what’s the same and what’s different; what’s better and what’s worse.  The new faces gathered around the table and the faces who aren’t there this time.

This year, I am so thankful that I can travel four blocks for a delicious meal prepared by Mike’s mom and grandma.  I get to share that meal with them, plus Mike’s dad, a brother, and Mike and Zoe (of course).  It’s a wonderful blessing.

But a part of me is in Chicago today, too (just in spirit–I’m not Voldemort, for heaven’s sake).  My sister will be there, and there will be pumpkin pie, but there will also be sitting around in my dad’s hospital room.  He’s back in because of some spells of high heart rate and low blood pressure.  (Pro Tip: Calling them “spells” makes them sound quaint instead of scary.) 

So, things are different this year.  But the love of our friends and family is the same, and God’s love is, too.  For that, I am thankful, thankful, thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Perusing the Black Friday ads, 2009. Even if he weren't hospitalized, no way would John Lux be hitting those sales.

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  1. People talk about the death of ranking reports – but for those that know


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