“The Christmas Room!”

Zoe and Rody rock their Christmas hats.

When I woke up this morning, I found our new Christmas tree sitting in the living room, along with all the boxes of Christmas decorations.  It was a Christmas miracle!  (Pro Tip: Your husband bringing the Christmas stuff out of the basement because of a leaking water pipe totally counts as a Christmas miracle.  No question.)

I love putting up Christmas decorations, especially decorating the tree and arranging the nativities.  I have the fondest memories of doing these things with  my mother and sister.  (Dad’s job was to get the tree in the house and into the stand, put on the lights, and retreat.)

We would listen to Christmas records, follow my mother’s Ornament Hanging Guidelines (ball ornaments on first), and reminisce about some of the more treasured decorations.  It was very heartwarming and wholesome, especially once all the swearing that came with getting the tree in the stand was over.

So, imagine my delight when Zoe joined me in decorating this year!  Her fine motor skills have improved since last Christmas, so she can actually hang ornaments.  She went to town on our little tinsel tree, then transferred most of the ornaments onto the big tree when she saw it was open for business.  As Zoe always says, “Go big or go home.”

The soundtrack: Willie Nelson’s Pretty Paper  (the very record I listened to growing up) and Zoe singing Yo Gabba Gabba Christmas songs (“Decorate! Decorate! Decorate the Christmas tree!”).  The result: Christmas cheer.

Note: The “Christmas room” is Zoe’s new name for the “living room”, of course.



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4 responses to ““The Christmas Room!”

  1. Liz L.

    Sounds like a great morning/day for you guys!


  2. Such a CUTE picture. I’ll be putting our tree up this Sunday with the help of little Miss 7 year old ! We are planning on going to a Christmas Farm and cutting our own tree … this will be a first. Tree farms are uncommon in Australia… hardly anyone does it. Most people have fake trees as it’s too hot and the fresh ones wilt and try out too quickly. But … I love the smell !
    Cheers, Michelle


    • How fun! I grew up with a real tree, which I loved. The first year we were married my husband and I bought a big, beautiful tree for our small apartment. And that was the year we learned that both of us are allergic to that wonderful smell. So, enjoy your lovely tree and breathe in that evergreen goodness for me! Thanks for stopping!


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