Merry Christmas from the Red Light District

Do you remember the Facebook status update that ruined Christmas?

If not, take a moment and turn back the hands of time by clicking that link (internet magic!).

One of you dear readers asked for a picture of the Christmas bras / holiday garlands when they were all lit up.  I have been working on that task ever since!  And by working on it, I mean I have been driving under the lights every day saying, “Oh, shoot, I should have brought my camera.”  It was very challenging.

Last night, I was driving home from church, and the magic finally happened: my camera, a red light, and I got together to bring you this amazing photo:

Maybe tonight I will try and capture the effect of twenty-six of these bad boys shining in a row.  Because, let me tell you: it is Christmastastic.


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7 responses to “Merry Christmas from the Red Light District

  1. I just don’t even know what to say…..


  2. To be fair, the picture also sort of looks like a pair of evil red eyes staring at me…


  3. It could also be demon eyes. By any account, Christmas FAIL.


  4. Rae

    These lights definitely do look like a bra, but I’m leaning more toward glasses with little beady red eyes glaring down at your. They don’t like to have their picture taken.


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