Don’t Break the Ice! and other Saturday delights

We’ve all had those days: the ones we plan and hope for and look forward to that turn out absolutely nothing like what we envisioned.  The flat tire, forget your wallet, screaming toddler, accidentally throw your cell phone in the gas station garbage can kind of days.

Well, guess what?  Today was not one of those days for the Cumings family!  We planned to drive to the Cosmos Legion for First’s Christmas Bazaar, bringing our bundt cakes, our checkbooks, and our desire for baked goods and scalloped potatoes and ham (or, in my case, scalloped potatoes and no ham).

Luckily, Mike had the Brilliant Idea of bringing a game to keep Zoe occupied before lunch.  We couldn’t find our dominoes, so I had the Brilliant Idea of busting out Don’t Break the Ice.  It was a hit:

Moments later, she discovered that breaking the ice was easier (and more fun) with her hands.

Seriously, she played for at least half an hour.  Parents of two-year-olds: look into it.

Then, we gathered with the other early shoppers and stalked our chosen cookies.  Rosettes for me (Pro Tip:  a woman at our church makes the best ones ever, probably because her name is Rose), lemon cookies for Mike, and pistachio cookies for Zoe.  She actually fended off other potential buyers: “Don’t take those cookies!”  I was very proud.

At 11 AM on the dot, we scooped up our cookies, bought them, and got in line for lunch.  I wanted to be sure and get a slice of sour cream raisin pie (look into that one, too, friends), and I did.   Zoe ate a surprising amount of the non-cake elements of her meal and stayed in her chair (not a high chair or a booster seat, just a regular chair) for a surprising length of time.  It was glorious.

We had a lovely drive back to Litch, singing silly songs all the way as Zoe’s eyes threatened to close.  We happened to drive by the Santa house, and had a funny little visit with Santa that I will save for another post.  (I hope you can stand the suspense.)

So, it’s been a practically perfect day!  But don’t feel bad if your day has been less than perfect: Zoe is now screaming her head off instead of napping.  It is going to be a rough afternoon and evening.  Still, what a lovely morning!

Also fun: working your way down the fence and sticking your head out periodically to moo like a cow. Try it! You'll like it!


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