I Speak for the Trees

When we moved to our current house, it was the hottest, muggiest, grossest week in July.  (Pro Tip: This is the ideal time to invite people to carry heavy things across town.  They are just thrilled to help out.)

As we stood in the yard, eating pizza and drinking whatever kind of beer Walmart sells on Sunday, we all marveled at how (relatively) cool it was thanks to the shade of the many tall trees surrounding our yard.  We were happy, and so, I imagine, were the trees.

A few weeks later, we awoke to the sound of city workers cutting down one of the trees.  It was very exciting for Zoe but sad for me and Mike.  Two more trees soon followed.  There are no sidewalks around our house, so we just assumed that the trees were on city property.  Their removal appeared to have something to do with underground power lines.  I think.

We still had some good trees, including this guy:

Handsome, right?  Tall and strong and leafy green.  He even had a tire swing, which Zoe knew without being told was just the thing to swing on when her mother was in a hurry.  Seriously, though, I loved this tree, and loved sitting in a lawn chair watching Zoe stick herself through the tire and swing very, very slowly.  It was our best tree.

Imagine my sorrow, then, when I walked outside one morning and found this:

As you can tell from the green grass and leaves in these photos, I took them immediately after this sobering discovery.  And then I waited for nearly three months, thinking, “Maybe the city will just forget.  Maybe they changed their minds.”

Well, they did not forget.  They did not change their minds.  And after blocking our driveway for a surprisingly short period of time, this was the result:

So long, tree.  We’ll miss your shade.

P.S. What I meant to do today was link up with the Broke and the Bookish and their Top Ten Tuesday feature.  But I couldn’t come up with ten books I want to give as gifts but am not actually giving, and I don’t want to spoil the surprise.  So, I will just say: Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree and Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax to whomever decided My Tree had to go.  Not that I’m bitter or anything . . . 

Uplifting Update: My friend Emily, the Lady Pastor, has a lovely tree-related post on her blog today.  Check it out: http://www.theladypastor.com/2011/12/trees-and-scripture.html


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4 responses to “I Speak for the Trees

  1. So sad about the loss of your tree. We were impacted by the October snowstorm and lost several trees. Our city is still cleaning up the fallen branches and cutting back trees. Many gorgeous, old trees had their branches snapped in the heavy snow. The spring will be less leafy.


    • That is sad, Beth! One of our churches lost quite a few trees due to a summer storm (and to the sudden fact that a bunch were too close to the power lines). It sure looks different out there, but we comfort ourselves with the idea that it looks like it probably did when the church was founded!


  2. Claire

    this is a Very Sad blog post. that picture of the truck driving away with your tree! heartbreaking.


    • I know! I did not intend to write such a gloomy post. I think it’s the weather. At least I did not take a picture of the sad, discarded tire swing lying next to our garage. Next I will post a cute Zoe photo or something to cheer you up!


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