Oh, There You Are, Perry!

image via cheezburger.com, of course

I always enjoy seeing which search engine terms bring people to my blog (my new favorite: “Laura Ingalls beating Nellie Oleson up”).  As I’ve mentioned, the star in this category is Perry the Platypus, everyone’s favorite egg-laying mammal / secret agent.

If you are looking for your very own Perry umbrella, I’m sorry.  I don’t know where to get another one.  But if you are looking for Perry slippers, it’s time to try your local Target again!  I saw them a few months ago and regretted not buying them, but they reappeared at the Hutchinson Target last Friday.  (I know.  It’s exciting.)

Surprisingly, I did not end up buying the slippers.  They didn’t have Zoe’s size, and I was busy paying ten extra dollars to get the winter boots without the princesses on them.  Also, when your kid is screaming and wailing to be released from the shopping cart, causing other mothers and their non-screaming children to give you that Too-Bad-You’re-Not-a-Supermom Look, the motivation to buy her unnecessary platypus slippers is just not there.

But anyway.  If you can’t find the umbrella, or if the slippers don’t work out, I recommend this instead:

Perry the Platypus Pez dispensers!  I have seen them repeatedly in the check out aisle at Walmart.  They are adorable.  And useful!  I mean, it’s a platypus that dispenses candy.  Very Practical.  Zoe got one from Saint Nick and enjoys it a lot, although she prefers to receive the pez straight from the wrapper, the quicker to stuff her face with.

In fact, this Perry Pez dispenser is so awesome that Mike and I each bought one, so now we have two!  And as awesome as it is, one is probably enough for the Cumings house, so how about this: leave a comment with the name of your favorite candy to be entered for a chance to win the extra one!  Do it by 2 PM cst tomorrow (Friday, December 16th, aka my birthday) and I will randomly select the lucky winner.  Include your email address so I can get in touch with you!

That’s right, people.  It’s the first-ever giveaway on Never Done It That Way Before.  Be  a part of history.

Bonus: a Phineas and Ferb music video about Perry.  Thanks, YouTube.



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14 responses to “Oh, There You Are, Perry!

  1. When I was growing up my favorite was Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. Yum!


  2. Claire

    yay! a giveaway! it is so hard to choose my favorite candy. i could go all nostalgic and say “lick ’em sticks”. or how about fannie may (when i first wrote that, I spelled it like the loan company. gross)?? vanilla cremes of course. and then there are traditional snickers and twix. and reeses. i recently went through a big tootsie roll phase. (don’t worry, I do not eat all these at once. or even that often)


  3. theincrediblemrsb

    I am a huge fan of Twix, and can I just tell you I have so been that mom with the screaming child (partially because a few times I just let him cry and pretended he wasn’t mine). Ahhhh the joys of being a real parent and not a “perfect” one.


    • I love Twix, too! Thanks for the “real parent” support, too–my kid is not always the screaming kid, but . . . let’s just say I was glad I found some M&M’s in the diaper bag that day so I could finish my shopping without drawing any more stares.
      Thanks for stopping, Mrs. B!


  4. chocolate of any type. except chocolate covered cherries. they’re gross. Perry rocks though. We love that show.


  5. Phineas and Ferb are so awesome – a cartoon we can enjoy with our daughter. So much better than ducking out of the room when Dora is on.


    • Oh my goodness, we are strenuously avoiding Dora. Zoe often insists on having at least one of us on the couch with her, so I try to steer her toward shows that don’t drive me too nuts. Okay, and I read the newspaper or a book while she watches.


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  7. My two favorite candies are Butter Finger and Snickers. They are both so yummy! And I love Phineas and Ferb and own a couple of P&F t-shirts.


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  9. jessicalle

    P n’ F is my favorite show to listen to in the background while I work as the kids get busy indulging their t.v. fix. When their dad comes home from a long day of being away we all say, “Oh THERE you are Perry! We’ve been looking all over for you.” And all his troubles seem to melt away. Who knew a cartoon platypus could have such a healing effect on a family?! 🙂


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