Never HAD I Ever: Been a Pickle Person

As a high school and college student, one of the qualities I looked for in a potential future mate was: someone who would eat the pickles that came with my restaurant meals.  (Pro Tip: This was not my top criterion, but it was perhaps my most whimsical.)  I was just not a pickle person.

Now, I still give those restaurant pickles away most of the time (to my actual mate or to whomever would like them), but the reason is different: I am now a pickle connoisseur.

Observe, if you will, my current pickle reserves:

Plus the bread and butter pickles in the fridge; minus the amazing garlic pickles I finished the other day.

What made me a pickle fan?  I think it was moving to rural Minnesota, where the relish tray is a required item at all potlucks, parties, and festive meals.  Also, homemade pickles are delicious.  Sweet pickles (which, in fact, I have liked for quite a while), garlic pickles, bread and butter pickles, mustard pickles.  Yes, please.

So, if you are already a pickle fan, hooray!  And if you are not, consider sampling some the next time you get to a farmers market or a rural Minnesota potluck (or my house!).

And if you are still not a pickle fan, please enjoy one of my favorite Arlo Guthrie songs.  He doesn’t want a pickle, either.



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15 responses to “Never HAD I Ever: Been a Pickle Person

  1. Claire

    Please bring some to Chicago for Christmas! I love pickles! If you recall, I used to eat like half a jar. I need to try these fancy ones!


    • I would love to bring them, but I imagine they don’t let you carry them on and I’m afraid to pack them in my checked bags. As much as I love pickles, I don’t want to smell like one all week.


  2. Because I’m from Texas, cucumber-based pickles are only one part of the pickling palate. We also have pickled okra (YUM!); pickled beets (HOORAY!); and well, pickled everything else. Seriously. Everything gets pickled here.

    Did you actually pickle these delectable items (gorgeous photo, BTW), or were they gifts from your local flock? Either way, they look delicious! I love that living in a new environment introduced you to the loveliness and variety of homemade pickles!

    Oh, two more things: 1) I’m trying to get up the nerve to try some pickling/canning. My grandparents did it, but did not pass on the skill.

    2) Did you ever see the Andy Griffith Show episode “The Pickle Story”? It’s one of my husband’s favorite episodes of all time. Hilarious. (Maybe that’s why I’m afraid of pickling? It would make sense.)


  3. Oh, I love pickled okra! (At Ethiopian restaurants, anyway–not as hot a commodity up here.) Up here, pickled green beans are also very popular, and often surprisingly spicy by Minnesota standards. And delicious, of course!

    I did pickle these beauties myself, so I have no words of wisdom to offer you. But the parishioners who gave them to me would assure you that it’s very easy, I’m sure!

    I have not seen The Pickle Story! I will have to look for it on Netflix or Hulu or some such place. Thanks for the tip, Bluebird!


  4. *Clapping hands.* Netflix instant (or by mail, if you prefer) has it! Oh! Such a treat! I think you’re going to love it. We *love* “The Andy Griffith Show.” Our other favorite is “The Dick Van Dyke Show.” (“The PIckle Story” is Season 2, Episode 11. I went and looked it up.)

    This is how it is where I live: at any grocery store in town, I could walk in and find at least two kinds of pickled okra. (Homemade is still best, hands down, though.)

    And I forgot entirely about pickled green beans. Oh, serious yum. (Boy, I need to learn how to pickle stuff.)

    Your post really spurred a lot of thinking for me this evening. Thank you! I hope your Sunday church services go beautifully, as I’m sure they will, given your talents and sincerity.


    • Excellent! I will try to watch that in the next few days.

      And now that you mention it, you can absolutely buy pickled okra in the stores here, and I even served some on a relish tray when we had an open house a few years ago. Yum.

      You’re welcome! Thanks for stopping and commenting! Church was lovely this morning, though it was mostly the kids, not me.


  5. Found this after I clicked on your Freshly Pressed post about your birthday this year. I grew up in rural Wisconsin (about 1.5 hours from Minnesota) and pickles were a must on our relish trays, too. I always thought I’d be making jams and pickles as an adult, and I still have intentions, but I haven’t settled into it yet. Your photos are inspiring me now – just have to plan ahead this summer.


    • I never thought I would be canning or pickling, but now that I live here I do kind of want to! I’m sure one of my parishioners would be happy to show me. I’m happy to inspire you, and to make you think of summer! Thanks for stopping!


  6. I’m not a pickle person, but this post is worth converting over!


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