Mary Had a Baby Hot Wheel

When Gabriel said to Mary, “you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you will name him Jesus”, I don’t think this is quite what the angel had in mind:

But, lo!  The toddler Zoe, whose grubby fist hovers on the edge of this tender manger scene, had other ideas.  Ideas that involved her red car and a lot of sound effects from the sheep.

On this fourth Sunday of Advent, we (finally) spend some time with Mary, the poor, small town, teenage girl who became a prophet.  Who became the Mother of God, or as Greek Orthodox Christians call her,  theotokos,  the God-bearer.

A lot of the commentaries I read this week lament the fact that we see Mary not as a bold prophet, or even as the mother of God, but as a passive, obedient, meek and mild girl who goes with the flow and gazes lovingly at the manger once a year.  Several blamed the Christmas pageants many of us will experience in worship today.

And I think it’s true that Mary has received short shrift, especially in Protestant circle.  And maybe those sweet pageants should take some of the blame.  But I will never forget the six-year-old redhead who marched proudly down the aisle in a big blue button up shirt last year to take her place beside seven-year-old Joseph.  Was it adorable?  Of course.  But it was also incarnational.   It reminded me that Mary was a girl, a real girl, whom God used to do something amazing.

Wherever you see Mary in the week ahead–in a Christmas pageant, on a card, in a nativity scene–remember that she is theotokos, but also remember that she is as ordinary as you are.  Which is, in fact, extraordinary.



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2 responses to “Mary Had a Baby Hot Wheel

  1. Maggie that was great! Thank you so much for writing about Mary. Today when we watch our Christmas program I will be thinking about Mary.


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