I just wish my PK (Pastor’s Kid) felt more comfortable at church.  Check her out at the Sunday school program practice / party on Saturday:

See  how meek and mild she is?  If only she could relax.

A few seconds after this photo was taken, the Sunday school kids resumed their practice.  Zoe stood up and shouted, “I want to do it!  I want to do it!”  She then launched into her version of the Christmas story: “Bay-BEE Je-SUS!  Bay-BEE Je-SUS! Joseph and the mama!  Joseph and the mama!”

She wasn’t part of the program this year, but next year . . . look out, First and Beckville.  There’s a new evangelist in town.  And she is loud.  



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3 responses to “PK

  1. Tory

    Perhaps she’ll steal the show like this little angel? 🙂


  2. Liz L.

    I was talking to my friend, and she wishes the pastor would start the homily with the ‘ABC’ song as it would help her son pay attention. Or at least, pay attention for a bit longer.


  3. She has mastered the jellyfish. No parent may successfully pick up a child in this spineless, yet resistant, posture.


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