Remembered and Fed

Hello, lovelies.

Every December, one of the ladies at First makes rosettes.  And while I am not an expert, I do believe that Rose’s rosettes are the finest in the land.  I always buy a plate at the bazaar.  And Rose, God bless her, always brings a tray for the lunch* after our December Bible study.  And God bless her again, she always sends the extras home with me.

Also every December, the Litchfield area pastors sing Christmas carols at the nursing home and senior apartments in town.  We end in the Gloria Dei dining room, where we then join the residents for lunch**.  Believe it or not, I am the only vegetarian in the group.  When I got in line this year, I asked for just tater tots, not hot dish (fortuitously, they were prepared and dished up separately).  The server, who has seen me probably three times in the past three years, looked up and said, “Oh, that’s right.  Would you like a salad?”  So I got to enjoy tater tots, salad, spice cake, and coffee.  Delicious.

These are little things.  But what a blessing it is to be remembered.  What a gift it is to be fed.  Rosettes and tater tots and salad.  Thanks be to God!

*And by “lunch”, I mean snack.  In these parts, “lunch” may be served at 10 AM or 10 PM.  It is, of course, awesome.

**And by “lunch”, I mean “noon lunch.”  Or “dinner.”  See what a versatile word “lunch” can be?



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4 responses to “Remembered and Fed

  1. My parents were from the south so I know the whole dinner thing – dinner being at lunch time, not at supper time! But I have never heard of “lunch” also referring to a snack. Learn something new every day!


    • It is pretty fabulous. We always have lunch after bible study and council meetings, and calling it that makes cookies and bars seem very wholesome and healthy. It’s just lunch!


  2. Claire

    “These are little things. But what a blessing it is to be remembered. What a gift it is to be fed. ” Love This.


    • Thanks! I’m sitting here trying to think of more of a response, but all I can come up with is basically along the lines of, “You’re welcome for being awesome. I aim to please.” So, “thanks” is probably enough!


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