Mindy Kaling and Me: Just a Couple of Crazy Latin Scholars

So I just finished this book (from my To Be Read List for winter, so I even feel a sense of accomplishment):

And it is totally funny, charming, light and fun.  Basically, it is just what you would expect Mindy Kaling’s book to be.

But what I did not expect was a quote like this one:

“In high school, I had fun in my academic clubs, watching movies with my girlfriends, learning Latin, having long, protracted, unrequited crushes on older guys who didn’t know me, and yes, hanging out with my family . . . So, yeah, it all added up to a happy, memorable time.  Even though I was never a star.”

Well, holy buckets.  That is pretty much what I was doing in high school, too.  I don’t want to brag or anything, but I was actually one of the triumvirs of my Latin Club senior year.  (You know, a member of the triumvirate, which was a form of leadership in ancient Rome.  What, you thought it was just co-consuls?  What do you mean, “What the heck are co-consuls?”  Stop looking at me like that.)

So, yeah.  What I learned from this book is that Mindy Kaling and I are basically the same person.  We spent high school nerding it up in Latin club, watching movies, having crushes, and hanging out with our families.  The only difference is that I am now a Lutheran pastor in rural Minnesota and she is an Emmy-nominated writer and actress on NBC’s The Office.  Like I said: basically the same person.

Seriously, though: you don’t have to be a star in high school to have the life you want to have as an adult.  (Pro Tip: Being a Lutheran pastor in rural Minnesota, with my amazing husband and hilarious daughter by my side, is the life I want to have.)  

So, all you young readers out there (I’m sure there are scads, because hello, I am blogging about Latin Club, for heaven’s sake), take heart.  Enjoy high school.  Enjoy Latin Club, if that’s your thing.  Be who you are, and you can have a “happy, memorable time” in high school and beyond.

Just like me and Mindy.



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5 responses to “Mindy Kaling and Me: Just a Couple of Crazy Latin Scholars

  1. Absolutely hysterical, fantastic post! I know, I am supposed to “add something” to your blog with my comment but I can’t come up with anything else besides that!


  2. Miss Anderson

    This book is pretty high up on my “to read” list, and you just made it higher. Latin Club nerds, unite! I was on Latin leadership council, too.


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