And So It Begins

The Cumings Family Christmas Extravaganza began yesterday!  It was, as Zoe would say, “crazy.”  After a delicious butter braid breakfast, I whisked Zoe off to daycare for her Christmas party, where she decorated cookies and sat on Santa’s lap like it’s her job.  (This was her fourth attempt, so I guess she’d already gotten  all the screaming out of her system.)

Meanwhile, Mike and I set up Zoe’s Crazy Christmas Present Obstacle Course!  She crawled through a tunnel into a pop-up tent, knocked down a wall of cardboard “brick” blocks, and discovered her doll house.  She immediately sat down and played with it for half an hour, refusing food and other presents.

The rest of the day we ate, played, napped, and watched vintage children’s Christmas shows on Netflix Instant.  (Pro Tip: The Bear Who Slept Through Christmas does not teach you the real meaning of Christmas.  It does feature Casey Kasum and Tom Smothers.)

The next few days really will be crazy–two more family Christmas celebrations, four worship services,and one plane ride–so it was nice to have a quiet day at home.

Whether you’re looking for a few quiet moments or some hustle and bustle, I hope you find it this weekend!

The minivan takes a trip through the tunnel.



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4 responses to “And So It Begins

  1. If you haven’t yet watched “Emmett Otter’s Jugband Christmas” (on Netflix Instant), watch it immediately. It is basically the Muppets meets Prairie Home Companion, complete with Jim Henson and the most adorable storyline ever. I practically cried it was so adorable.


  2. Most of Christmas is NOT about quiet moments of reflection – unfortunately!


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