Home Again, Home Again

In front of the big tree at the Museum of Science and Industry (but ready to check out something else).

Today, the Cumings family makes the trek back to Litchfield, where we will make room for our fabulous Christmas presents, hang our new Christmas ornaments on the tree for another week (it is still Christmas, people), and settle back into our Regular Life Routine of bathtime and bedtime and breakfast time, worship planning and newsletter article writing and dissertation research and Netflix Instant.  And, you know, all the other stuff we do when we’re not on vacation.

I’m sad to leave what has been a truly wonderful Lux Christmas (especially since Claire and Doug are sticking around through the weekend), but I’m happy to go home, too.  It’s where the heart is.  There’s no place like it.  Et cetera.

Look forward to more exciting blog posts in the days to come, including a review of the book that should have made my Top Ten 2011 Book List, a Christmas recap, New Year’s Resolutions, and of course, fascinating moments of Zoe.



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2 responses to “Home Again, Home Again

  1. Home is Christmas to me. I have never been anywhere else and I am not sure I would handle it well if my cherished ornaments stayed packed away instead of hung on the tree for a season. The other side of me wonders if Paris or Hawaii might actually be fun.


    • I was pretty cranky the year my parents took us to Mexico over Christmas. I can’t wait till Zoe is a cranky teenager one day! Of course, since she’s a pastor’s kid, she will always be home on actual Christmas, and probably wish we were flying off to Mexico. Or Paris or Hawaii, which do sound pretty good today.

      I love being home for Christmas, either my home or my parents’ home. This year we put the tree and decorations up right after Thanksgiving, so we’ve had plenty of time to enjoy them! I am already dreading my least favorite part of Christmas at home: putting all that stuff away.


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