When Nerds Write Novels: Ready Player One

The Norwegian edition, which is obviously cooler looking than the American edition.

If you are a fan of science fiction, 80s pop culture, computers, video games, Dungeons and Dragons, and / or Rush, you have probably already heard of Ready Player One, Ernest Cline’s distopian novel about the quest for control of the Oasis, a virtual world that makes the terrible future reality bearable.

I heard about the book through this Carnegie Library blog, which I stumbled on through the magic of Freshly Pressed (the blogs Someone Very Smart at WordPress decides are worth promoting on the home page).   I was immediately intrigued, even though I am not, in fact, a rabid fan of any of the aforementioned phenomena.

So, first I read the other book the blogger raved about, Vanessa Diffenbaugh’s The Language of Flowers.  It was good, and, as promised, a completely different kind of book than Ready Player One.  Then I read a few other books, because, you know, I’m kind of a big reader.

And then.  Then, I took the plunge.  I was worried that all the video game and pop culture references would be lost on me, or that all the technical language would go over my head.  And they kind of were, and it kind of did, but Cline works hard to make even the less nerdy reader feel at home in the world he’s created.

After a few of the short, action-packed chapters, I was hooked on these characters and this world.  I ignored extended family members so that I could finish this book on the last night of our Chicago vacation.  It was one of those books where I think there are a few more pages than there actually are (curse you, Acknowledgments), so I was especially disappointed to see it end.

Luckily, according to Mr. Cline’s geektastic website, Warner Brothers is going to  make Ready Player One into a movie.  So, there is more to come!  They just better not screw it up.

And, as for the book drought the library blogger suffered, fear not!  I had the perfect post-Ready Player One book on deck: When the Tripods Came, the prequel to my very first science fiction love, The Tripod Trilogy.  It is awesome, except that I’m pretty sure the Tripods are going to win . . . this time.


Check out his blog to see more of these fab icons. I have never played Atari, but I LOVE them all the same.

What book did you unexpectedly love?  

and / or

What movie adaptation of a book do you love (or love to hate)?



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8 responses to “When Nerds Write Novels: Ready Player One

  1. You’ve convinced me to give this book a try. I’ve had it on my Amazon wish list since mid November and just used a Christmas gift card to purchase.


  2. Oh wow – we love it when one of our book recommendatinos is a hit! Thanks so much for taking it for a test drive, and then sharing the love. 🙂

    Leigh Anne
    for the rowdy crew at Eleventh Stack


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