Zoe Cumings, Preschooler

This week, Zoe moved from the toddler room to the preschool room at day care.  It’s a move she is mostly excited about, although there are mornings when she says, “I don’t want to go to the preschool room!  I want to go to the kids!”

I’m excited about it, too, but I can’t deny that I get a little teary when I sign her in and the computer screen now says, “Zoe Cumings, preschooler” instead of “Zoe Cumings, toddler”.  It’s silly, because of course it’s wonderful to watch my daughter learn and grow.  She is more fascinating, brilliant, affectionate, and hilarious every day.  (Pro Tip: The way she imitates my clenched jaw talking, which I use while waiting impatiently for her to pick a shirt for heaven’s sake, is adorable.)

Today, we are planning another milestone: shopping for a big girl bed.  All three of us are excited, but I know there will be some tears when the crib comes down and the bed goes up, and the tears will not be Zoe’s.

To commemorate the occasion, here is a photo of Zoe’s first night in her crib:

and a photo of one of her last nights there:

She’s going to love her big girl bed.  Just think how many more books, stuffed animals, and blankies it will hold!



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13 responses to “Zoe Cumings, Preschooler

  1. Love how she’s using a book as a pillow. Learning by osmosis?


  2. My little three year old is at the point where she gets to decide if she gets hugged or kissed (reverse psychology is my sneaky way of getting hugs & kisses) and will say, “mah om” like a teenager. Adorable, but I totally understand the tearful internal response to the growing independence.


    • My favorite toddler-as-teenager moments are the ones where she looks at me and says, “Mama, don’t talk.” Very touching. She is still very cuddly, and allows / demands lots of hugs and kisses. I love it!


  3. Sarah Fox Sparber

    Love love love that she is using a book as a pillow! Wow that baby girl has grown!


    • That’s my girl! She has two that are always, always in her bed and almost never read (book lovies), and takes two to four more with her each night. That ABC one got a lot of singing / reading this morning before it was time to get up. “A is for Zebra, I is for baby . . . “


  4. Zoe is hitting some of the big girl milestones. Those milestones were the ones that made me realize that my baby girl was no longer a baby. Sad.


  5. Claire

    even if she grows up, I don’t think I’ll ever stop calling her “that baby” 😉 i miss her so much!!! post pictures of the big girl bed!


    • I know it! At least until we have another baby (which is not, by the way, on the horizon), she is the baby and “that baby”.

      Sadly, the bed doesn’t arrive until the 24th. When we got in the car, Zoe looked around and said, “Where’s the bed?” She would have volunteered to hold it on her lap for the ride home.


  6. Good thing the big girl bed is on the way. She looks to be a few days from “Going Banner” on that crib and popping out of it like the good doctor did when he got all angry…and green.


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