Sunday Night Shopping: the Awful Truth

Intended purchases: diapers and apple juice.

Impulse purchases: sippy cups and brussels sprouts.

The toddler is excited: to drink a cup of “straw milk.”

The parents are excited: to eat brussels sprouts for supper.

Just another crazy day in the life of the Cumings family.

What’s on your plate today?


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13 responses to “Sunday Night Shopping: the Awful Truth

  1. Last time we were at target, picking up supplies for Helen’s birthday party, Mei saw a sparkly tiara for $1 and coveted it. I said no, we were only getting what was on the list. I have since received a daily reminder, complete with trembling lower lip, of how sad she is not to have that tiara. So impulse away! It may be easier in the long run.


    • What’s really embarrassing is that I was alone on this shopping trip. Truly, we did need some new sippy cups, and these were not expensive. Well, the straw cups were not. I may have also bought a pair of Elmo / Abby / Zoe cups that were a little spendier. But they were on clearance! And I will save them for . . . Valentine’s Day?

      I think children have amazing memories, whether for sparkly tiaras or for The Terrible Episode of Thomas the Tank Engine Where Thomas Gets All Dirty. We watched that probably two months ago (and never again, because Zoe cried a lot), but she still mentions it.


      • Oh, watch it over and over with her. Talk to her about it while watching. “Do you remember what happens next? How did he get dirty? Remember it is okay for something to get “dirty” that is why we wash things. (They did wash Thomas didn’t they? I mean he is not STILL dirty, right? and if he is come up with ways Zoe and you could wash him…silly things…a toothbrush, dad’s hairbrush, the in the bathtub, in the car wash…etc)” In these last two months she has grown light years. She can help you wash chocolate milk out of her sippy cup. Lessons learned on helping, fixing, cleaning and everything is okay.

        This from someone whose entire life has been centered around children. Lots of children, my own, my children’s friends, my children’s children, my friends’ children, children at school, handicapped children, and adults who are still children and live in a group home.

        I love your blog. Keep spreading your word!


  2. Serendipity is glorious! You must have posted this as I was struggling, mightily (or awkwardly to be more honest) with the last paragraph of my Five and Dime story.

    I’m so glad you “impulse purchased” Brussels sprouts. I love Brussels sprouts, especially roasted, but it’s a solitary pleasure in this household.

    (Though these roasted Brussels sprouts have been at hit at friends’ potlucks! They have a nutty, sophisticated flavor when you roast them. Cool right?)

    The fact that you bought them on a whim impresses me greatly. This post makes me so happy on several levels! Your writing always makes me think, giggle, or goggle in appreciation! Often, all three! Yay!


    • I know it! I was extra delighted to read your post today for just that reason.

      Roasted Brussels sprouts are my favorite, too. My other favorite (a person can have two favorites) is sauteed with butter, a little water, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. But tonight, since it is technically winter (with a high of forty degrees and no snow, hard to believe), maybe roasted is the way to go.

      They almost never have the sprouts at my grocery store, and only sometimes have them at Walmart. So they are almost always an impulse / on a whim purchase. And a delightful change of pace from our number one vegetable, broccoli. I mean, I love broccoli, but one cannot live on broccoli alone.

      I’m glad to make you think, giggle, and goggle! High praise indeed!


  3. Before I met you and tasted my first fresh Brussels Sprout via my CSA, this post would have mystified me–now, I get it. I, too, would have been excited about this purchase.


  4. Sadly no Brussel Sprouts on my plate tonight. Have you tried them cut in half and stir-fried with pear? Absolutely delicious and courtesy of local supermarket, Albert Heijn.


  5. Sarah Fox Sparber

    IMPOSSIBLE to stick to the list at Target – avoid Target!


    • Ha! I almost succeeded today, except for the two hat / mitten sets I got for 50% off (for Zoe, of course). But my greatest victory was going in with a fifty dollar gift card and coming out with .76 left over!


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