Girl’s Best Friend

A girl, a dog, an ice cream bar.

I was surprised when Mike’s parents bought a dog four years ago.

I was disappointed when they named her Molly.  (Pro Tip: Any Maggie and Molly, be they human or canine, will be called by each other’s names.  This makes everyone feel bad.)

I was amused when Molly filled in for the role of First Grandchild until an actual, human grandchild (Zoe) was born.

I was delighted when Molly and Zoe fell in love.

It started when Zoe began eating people food.  (Pro Tip: Baby food does not really count.)  More accurately: it started when Zoe began dropping people food, either accidentally or on purpose.  I’m sure many a relationship has been built on less.

Now, even though Zoe has gotten much smarter about keeping her food for herself, they are great friends.  It makes sense, really.  They have a lot of the same interests: treats, tennis balls, Grandma’s lap.  A match made in heaven.

Being called by the dog’s name is a small price to pay for this much joy.  (Pro Tip: It is still better than being called “Megan”, not because I dislike the name “Megan”, but because what it really means is, “I did not listen when you told me your name. “)



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3 responses to “Girl’s Best Friend

  1. Gia

    omgosh, these photos are the cutest ever! such a sweet relationship! 🙂


  2. Rachel

    Rachels always get called Rebecca. I wish Anna and my mom’s dog got along as well!


  3. So sweet. The girl, the dog and the ice cream, also.


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