Never Had I Ever: Cried While Watching Blue’s Clues

I knew it was coming.

For days, they laid the groundwork, preparing us for the inevitable.

It was only a matter of time.

I’m referring, of course, to the episode of Blue’s Clues where Steve goes to college.

I know.  This happened in 2002.  But thanks to the magic of Netflix Instant, it happened all over again in our family room last night.  Steve goes to college (or, in the non-preschool-tv world, goes to pursue a music career), and his brother Joe moves in to learn the ropes and keep on playing Blue’s Clues.  This is done with great sensitivity and care.  That Blue’s Clues team knows how to talk to the preschool  set.

So while Zoe sat happily on our laps, I was the one fighting back tears.  Not because I was sad that Steve was leaving, exactly (although, Pro Tip: Steve is way better than Joe).  But because goodbyes are sad and change is hard.  (You heard it here first.)

And also because, as I held my two-and-a-half year old daughter, I knew that, if we are lucky, one day she will go off to college, too.  (And of course, if we are very lucky, her future brother or sister will already be in our house, and we won’t even have to explain about the thinking chair and the handy dandy notebook.  So to speak.)

I’d like to say parenthood is the reason I cry during toddler TV–it is at least the reason I watch toddler TV–but the truth is, I’ve always been a sap.  Being a parent just widens the scope, allowing me to shed tears in response to a whole new range of stimuli.  For example:

The Gilmore Girls:  I watched the “Rory Goes to College” episode when Zoe was about four months old and cried my eyes out, because, you know, only seventeen and a half more years until my little girl leaves home.

Toy Story 3: Tears streamed down my face as we watched Andy give Buzz, Woody, and the rest of his beloved toys away.  Again, because he’s going to college.  (Pro Tip: Apparently, the way to elicit tears from me is to send someone to college.)

Parenthood: Who am I kidding?  I get misty-eyed every time I watch this show.  Because, you know, kids are amazing.  Or, parents are amazing.  Or, being a kid is hard / being a parent is hard.  You get the idea.

The lady herself (via oy-with-the-poodles-already)

To be fair, Lorelai Gilmore / Sarah Braverman does her fair share of crying, too.

So, to sum up, things that are bound to make me cry include: anything involving children, parents, college, and Lorelai Gilmore.  How about you?


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10 responses to “Never Had I Ever: Cried While Watching Blue’s Clues

  1. I have to say “Parenthood” is one of the most amazing shows out there. I cried for many years at any college references when my oldest was little. I cried the day he left home. Not sure how I am going to do when the rest of them leave.


    • I did not expect to like this show so much! So glad my love for Lorelai made me check it out. That’s a benefit of having more than one child, right? You get to space out the leaving. And enjoy their visits home!


  2. Jen

    I cried and cried while watching Toy Story 3. Chris thought I was nuts.


  3. I cried at Gilmore Girls. I will probably never be able to watch it again. I also cried at the end of Felicity and Toy Story 3. I’m just trying to come to terms with my kids going to school!


    • It’s hard, Lindy! I cried when we put Zoe in daycare, and I cried when she moved up to the toddler room and then the preschool room. She has handled these transitions much more easily than I have!


  4. Well, I don’t watch Parenthood or Gilmore Girls, but The Cub loved/s Blue’s Clues and occasionally still watches it. I don’t remember that episode making me cry. But the end of Toy Story 3 makes me cry every time we watch it. And Bonnie looks like my niece, which doesn’t help at all. The beginning of Up, parts of Wall-E….name a Disney movie and there is a good chance that I will get mushy. Because that is what I am. Commercials can do me in, too.


    • Oh my goodness, Up! And Wall-E! You’re right, almost any Disney movie can do it. This is why I have not shown Dumbo to Zoe. That “Baby Mine” scene? No, no, no.


      • Liz L.

        You hit the nail on the head with the “baby mine” scene. In fact, I think I got some dust in my eye just thinking about it. Excuse me . .


      • Bobbi

        It is refreshing to hear that there are others who know of and engage Disney movies. Five of six of our children have left for college. Wait ’til the weddings and grandbabies come! Then the tears are really big!! Just a warning – invest in cloth hankies friends!


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