Big Girl Bed!

It was time to say goodbye to the crib.

And hello to the Big Girl Bed:

Zoe was so excited when she came home from preschool:

And she slept all night (almost) in her Big Girl Bed:

I say “almost” because at about 11:30, there was a terrible thud.  Then there was a pitiful wail.  I rushed in to find Zoe lying on the floor.  I scooped her up, soothed her, put her in bed, and then crawled in next to her for a few minutes.

When she was quiet, I asked, “Can I go back to my own bed now?”

“Okay,” she said.  “Thank you.”

I went back to bed and didn’t hear a peep until 6:40 AM, when I went in to locate the Two Chickies (essential comfort objects).  Then she played in bed until she noticed her special magic alarm clock had turned green, which meant it was time to start yelling for Mama and Daddy.  So, it was a great first night in the Big Girl Bed!

It was lovely to put her to bed without crib bars in the way.  It was wonderful to be able to hop into bed with her for a minute.  It was amazing that the special  magic alarm clock did its job.

But the best, best part was hearing those two little words: “Thank you.”  Spontaneous.  Heartfelt.  Stunningly grown up.

That’s my baby.



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13 responses to “Big Girl Bed!

  1. Claire

    yay Zoe! such a big girl. do I spy my old quilt on her bed?? yay 🙂 thank you for the lovely birthday calls. it was so fun talking to zoe.


    • She really is! You DO spy your old quilt–I think I have it because I also have the airbed and the blue and white striped twin sheets. Let me know if you want it back before she gets too attached . . .

      Her phone skills are really improving! I think it helps that she believes you can see her through the phone.


  2. Zoe is making such a successful transition to her cool, new bed! What a happy moment documented with such beautiful clarity! Her “thank you” is such a cherry on top of a perfect story. Love that!


    • Well, thank YOU! This is a much easier transition than potty training (still in progress). I will not be blogging in much detail about that (and certainly not with so many pictures).


  3. With that much room for books, you couldn’t have kept me out of that big girl bed. Awesome job on being a mom! Way to go Zoe!


    • Ha, thanks! In fact, she no longer needs five or ten books in her arms or next to her when she goes to sleep. Maybe she really did want them to read when she woke up! It is a great bed, and I am only a little jealous.


  4. That headboard is wonderful. I’d love a bookshelf for a headboard for myself. We need a bigger bedroom, though, to lose another foot of length to a headboard. The Cub fell out of bed the first night that we had the side off. He’s been fine since. However, I did go in to check on him one night and found him with his torso on the bed and his knees on the floor. Sound Asleep. Didn’t even wake up when I picked him up to get him all the way back in bed. I’d love to have seen the move that got him into that position.

    That clock sounds great for little ones who can’t tell time yet.


    • It definitely adds some length (obviously), but I don’t think we could have fit her bookshelf in even without the fancy headboard. I wanted to leave the two heat vents unblocked and keep her away from the cold outside wall of the house.

      That is some impressive sleep maneuvering on the Cub’s part!


  5. Hooray for Zoe! Her big girl bed is awesome. Like Lady Lisa Bear’s son and Zoe, my daughter fell out of bed the first night in her big girl bed. It hasn’t happened again (maybe because about 50% of the time she wants to camp out on the floor instead of sleep in her bed).


    • Yes, it sounds like almost everyone falls out once! So that makes me feel better. How funny that Laura likes camping out on the floor–I guess as long as she’s sleeping safely, it doesn’t matter too much where she does it, right?


  6. Zoe is such a beautiful child. She is sweetness and innocence in the first photo. And of course they have to look like that a lot to keep us loving them so much. 😉


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