Sometimes You Just Need a Nap

Instead of a blog post today, I had my second of two annual meetings (one of the special things about being the pastor of a two-point parish), followed by a tasty potluck, followed by a massive family nap.  The rest of the day holds playing with Zoe, supper, bedtime, dishes, and getting ready for the Journey of Renewal I begin tomorrow.

So, in lieu of Biblical reflection, enjoy this photo of Zoe.  Because who doesn’t love to see a toddler in full snow gear, complete with sunglasses?

While I”m off getting renewed, I may or may not be able to post.  Try not to miss me too much . . .


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4 responses to “Sometimes You Just Need a Nap

  1. Enjoy your Sabbatical. Zoe made me smile, she is so cute and cuddly looking, all bundled up in her pretty coral gear!


    • Thank you! She is very cute and cuddly, I agree. This morning she said, “You want to snuggle with me?” I will have to remember this when she hits the teen years. I hear they are less cuddly.


  2. I hope your sabbatical recharges you and refreshes you. (Though seriously, it’s not as though you need refreshing blog-wise! Your posts are as crisp as new produce!) And that nap sounds awfully good right about now….


    • Thanks, Bluebird! Compliments from you mean a lot! It was a great retreat, and although I’m refreshed I’m also scrambling to fit four days’ work into one or two. Very tricky.


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