My Daughter, the King of Queens

Yesterday, Zoe came home from preschool with a Groundhog Day Crown.  (Pro Tip: If you are wondering, “Groundhog Day Crowns?  Are those a thing?”  I think the answer is probably no.)

I don’t know why they made crowns to mark this day.  In preschool, you don’t really need a reason.  I do know that Zoe is a kid who loves a crown.  Her face lit up when she saw the Burger King crown on her kids’ meal box last week.  Looking at her reflection in the window, she said proudly, “I’m a king.  I’m a king eating.”

That’s right.  My daughter is not a queen.  She’s not even a princess, despite her affinity for “princess castles.”  No.  My daughter is a king.

While this may be related to  her favorite Veggie Tales episode (“King George and the Ducky”, a spectacular reimagining of David and Bathsheba), I think the real inspiration is the nativity scene and the Christmas carol “We Three Kings of Orient Are”.

Here is the evidence:

1. She is still playing with the plush wise man from one of her nativity sets (left behind after the Christmas Decoration Rapture), and she makes him sing a special song of her own composition: “I’ve got a present for baby Jesus; I’ve got a present for baby Jesus, baby Jesus!”


2. “Mama, I’m star of wonder, star of bright,” she said that night at Burger King.  “Are you star of wonder, star of bright?”

Of all the royal role models a girl could choose, the three kings of the Christmas story are pretty great ones.  They’re foreign astrologers, not kings at all, who figure out that King Herod is not a guy to trust, who follow the star to find the king of kings.  And when they find him, they give him presents and worship him.

So, yes, Zoe.  On a good day, I’m star of wonder, star of bright, too.

P.S. If you were hoping this post would have something to do with the CBSsitcom King of Queens, I am sorry.  In more ways than one.



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5 responses to “My Daughter, the King of Queens

  1. Liz L.

    Way to buck societal gender norms Zoe!


  2. Laura has also brought home many crowns from preschool. For MLK day, she brought home a crown made of cut out hand prints of all different and diverse skin tones. Preschool taps into 2 things kids love: crafts and accessories. Crowns fit both categories.

    Zoe is awesome in her Groundhog Day crown!


  3. esmeowl12

    Crowns are always a big hit with little ones. I’d not heard of a Groundhog Day crown but why not?


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