Joyful Anticipation

The Cumings family has plans for the next few weeks.  Big plans.

Tomorrow, we take Zoe to see her first movie theater movie (The Muppets, of course, so that we don’t have to say, in twenty years, “The first movie you saw in the theater was the Shrek spin-off Puss in Boots).

Before Valentine’s Day, we will decorate her fabulous foam princess castle mailbox (it comes with 59 foam stickers, people–I hope you are suitably impressed).  She will take it to preschool to receive all her Valentine tributes.

I am already a little too excited for each of these events.  Part of me knows that low expectations are the key to enjoying activities like this.   Zoe might spend the whole movie crawling around on the filthy theater floor or screaming and trying to climb on the stage.  She might tear the mailbox in half or throw all 59 foam stickers on the floor.

I know this.  I really do.  But I also know that with any fun event–a vacation, a night out on the town, a birthday party–the anticipation is half the fun.  (Or, if either of those less desirable scenarios goes down, more than half!)

So, I’ll be looking forward to these fun things, and I will enjoy them.  Even if only in my dreams.

What are you anticipating with joy this weekend?

P.S. If you want some anticipation inspiration, try the Best Possible Self journal exercise and report back!



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3 responses to “Joyful Anticipation

  1. I know I’m coming to this particular party late, but I love how you talk about the idea of anticipation and expectation with such clarity. To add a small child into the mix is to adjust expectations, but you manage to do so without losing your own pleasure in the act of anticipation.

    Ah! That’s wonderful. Thank you for writing this one. You are helping me frame out my week with pleasurable anticipation with a minimum of expectation. Love that!


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